Cutting-edge JavaScript event in South Poland

2024-05-218 min reading
Krzysztof Wyrzykowski

Krzysztof Wyrzykowski



The first edition of South Poland's top JS event brought us fun, knowledge, and a bigger audience than expected.

Author: Krzysztof Wyrzykowski

Krzysztof Wyrzykowski

Date added: 2024-05-21

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When we began discussing the possibilities of supporting the community, sharing our knowledge and experience, and inspiring developers for further growth, we never imagined the success we would achieve together. The first edition of RzeszowJS - the most innovative JavaScript event in South Poland - brought us a lot of fun, a good dose of knowledge, and an audience we hadn't even anticipated. This drives us to prepare for more editions for you and meet you guys over and over for many many years!

First, let's discover our three topics that initiated the entire initiative:

Dominik Grzędzielski - Next.js 14 and React Server Components - a step forward or are we going in circles? Dominik shared his current experience and some practical tips on working with the new Next and its App Router, additionally highlighting the so-called gotchas. He analyzed what problems the new Next/React solves and what new issues it introduces. We looked at React Server Components, the new features of Next, and also tried to answer the question of whether React is moving towards "doing PHP" in JS and what all the buzz around RSC and the new Next is about.

Krzysztof Wyrzykowski - Mixed Reality in Web Applications KW gave us his insight by discussing web technologies delivering mixed reality, using case studies of projects for clients such as Lego Star Wars, Wimbledon, Coca Cola, Nike, and Corona. He focused on technology like Google Geospatial, 8th Wall, Meta Spark

Artur Pilch - GraphQL vs REST – how the right decision drives the speed and effectiveness of product development. He explained to us why GraphQL is gaining so much popularity, what advantages each of these technologies has, and what limitations and challenges we encounter when using them. And finally - which solution is better and why.

Finally, please meet Bartosz Słysz who, together with a super talented team, has started everything.

  1. What inspired you to organize a JavaScript conference specifically in Rzeszow?

    Bartek: Several months ago, our team embarked on a journey to Krakow to partake in a remarkable conference. The experience was nothing short of awe-inspiring, but it left us pondering: why should enthusiasts from Rzeszów and surrounding areas need to venture afar for such enriching gatherings? That moment ignited a spark within us – a determination to cultivate a similar atmosphere right here in our vibrant city. Rzeszów boasts an abundance of untapped talent, and it was time to showcase it on a grand stage. Thus, fueled by our passion for JavaScript and a vision of fostering local innovation, we took the leap and brought Rzeszów.js to life. It's not just about hosting an event; it's about empowering our community, nurturing skills, and paving the path for aspiring developers to thrive right where they belong.

  2. Can you share the initial vision behind the conference and how it evolved throughout the planning stages?

    Bartek: At the outset, we envisioned a small-scale test run right in our office, gathering about twenty folks. It wasn't about the numbers, but rather about understanding what resonates with our community. We observed, we listened, and we learned. As we progressed, our focus shifted from just hosting an event to creating something transformative. Every step of the way, our vision grew clearer, fueled by the passion and feedback of those early participants. What began as a simple idea evolved into a movement—a testament to the power of community, innovation, and shared goals.

  3. Why did you decide to focus on Frontend only?

    Bartek: We aim to cultivate a comprehensive JavaScript community that encompasses various facets of the language and its ecosystem. Our recent event featured a prominent presentation on backend technologies like GraphQL, showcasing our commitment to encompassing the breadth of the JS ecosystem. Our focus is not solely on frontend development; rather, we strive to gather enthusiasts from across the JavaScript landscape. Rzeszów boasts a wealth of expertise in React, JavaScript, and other related domains. Leveraging this diverse skill set allows us to create a dynamic and inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of their specialization, can find inspiration and camaraderie.

  4. What strategies did you use to promote the conference within the local JavaScript community in Rzeszow?

    Bartek: We must acknowledge that choosing a certain platform for our event played a crucial role in spreading awareness, allowing us to reach a wider audience and ensure timely notifications about Rzeszów.js. However, the true cornerstone of our successful promotion lies in the invaluable contributions of our community members. Through their active engagement on social media platforms, leveraging personal connections, and regularly sharing event updates, they became instrumental in amplifying our reach and igniting excitement within the local JavaScript community. Their passion and dedication exemplify the spirit of collaboration and collective empowerment that defines Rzeszów.js.

  5. What kind of feedback did you receive from attendees, and how will you incorporate it into future conferences?

    Bartek: We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees, who echoed our sentiment regarding the scarcity of such events in Rzeszów. Their insights were invaluable, encompassing various aspects such as venue preferences, the ideal number of presentations, and desired topics. We deeply appreciate their contributions and view their feedback as the compass guiding our future endeavors. At Rzeszów.js, people are at the heart of our organization, and their opinions play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of our conferences. Moving forward, we are committed to incorporating their suggestions to ensure that each event surpasses expectations and continues to resonate with our vibrant community.

  6. Were there any unexpected surprises or successes during the conference that you hadn't anticipated?

    Bartek: As it was our inaugural conference, accurately forecasting the turnout posed a significant challenge. While we anticipated leveraging a platform to track attendee numbers, the actual turnout still held surprises. Some individuals who had confirmed their attendance did not show up, while others who hadn't indicated their intention on the platform made unexpected appearances. These unforeseen fluctuations underscored the dynamic nature of organizing such events and highlighted the importance of flexibility and adaptability in our planning process.

  7. What role did sponsors play in the success of the conference?

    Bartek: Sponsors played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our conference. Their generous support enabled us to secure a suitable venue and provide attendees with memorable welcome packs. These packs were instrumental in creating a lasting impression and ensuring that participants departed with cherished memories of the event. We are deeply grateful for the contributions of our sponsors, whose partnership was essential in elevating the overall experience for everyone involved.

  8. How do you plan to continue building and fostering the JavaScript community in Rzeszow beyond the conference?

    Bartek: Our vision extends beyond the confines of conferences like Rzeszów.js. We aim to cultivate a vibrant society of tech enthusiasts who are passionate about knowledge sharing and embracing emerging technologies. Our plans include a diverse array of activities designed to engage and inspire, ranging from workshops and meetups to collaborative projects and online forums. By creating opportunities for continuous learning and collaboration, we aspire to nurture a thriving JavaScript community in Rzeszow that remains at the forefront of innovation and growth.

  9. What advice would you give to others looking to organize similar local conferences in their communities?

    Bartek: My advice to those considering organizing similar local conferences is to prioritize the essence of the event above all else. Focus on curating compelling content, fostering a welcoming atmosphere, and nurturing the spirit of community engagement. Instead of fixating on metrics like attendee numbers, concentrate on creating an experience that resonates deeply with your audience. You'll be surprised by the impact you can achieve when you prioritize people and ideas over the mere act of organizing an event for its own sake.

  10. Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of the JavaScript conference in Rzeszow? Are you going Global or at least country level?

    Bartek: In the journey ahead, our aspirations for the JavaScript conference in Rzeszow are grounded in humility yet fueled by ambition. While our roots are firmly planted in our local community, we believe that the essence of Rzeszów.js holds universal appeal. The idea of fostering innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing transcends geographical boundaries. While going global or achieving country-level recognition may seem like lofty goals, we remain committed to making our conference accessible to a broader audience. We recognize that this endeavor will require dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to our core values. As we continue to evolve and grow, we will strive to create opportunities for engagement and participation that extend beyond the borders of Rzeszow, enriching the JavaScript community on a broader scale.

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