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Knowde - Revolutionizing the Chemical Industry Marketplace

In an era where digital transformation is critical, Knowde has emerged as a groundbreaking platform, revolutionizing the way suppliers and buyers in the chemical, polymer, and ingredient industries interact.

Knowde is revolutionizing the chemical industry through its comprehensive digital marketplace, facilitating the trading of chemicals, polymers, and industrial ingredients. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in San Jose, CA, Knowde offers a robust platform where research and development teams and buyers can seamlessly search, learn, engage, sample, quote, and purchase from major producers globally.



Traditionally, the chemical industry has faced several challenges, including:

  • Complex Supply Chains: Managing and sourcing products across diverse suppliers and distributors.

  • Data Disorganization: Inconsistent and fragmented product data leading to inefficiencies.

  • Manual Processes: Time-consuming manual processes for requesting samples, obtaining quotes, and verifying compliance.



Knowde addresses these challenges by leveraging advanced digital technologies to create a unified, efficient, and transparent marketplace. Here are the key features and benefits of Knowde’s platform:

  • Comprehensive Product Catalog

Knowde hosts the world’s largest catalog of chemicals, ingredients, and polymers, allowing users to browse, search, and filter products effortlessly. This vast digital library includes products from industry giants, ensuring users have access to a wide range of high-quality materials.

  • Direct Supplier Interaction

The platform enables direct communication with suppliers, allowing users to ask technical questions, talk to sales representatives, and inquire about pricing. This feature is particularly beneficial for complex technical queries and negotiations, facilitating smoother and faster transactions.

  • Efficient Sample and Quote Requests

Knowde’s concierge service streamlines the process of ordering samples, requesting documents, and obtaining quotes, ensuring fast and accurate responses. This service eliminates the traditional bottlenecks in procurement processes, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

  • AI-Powered Data Management

Knowde’s AI-driven technology ingests, extracts, organizes, and enriches product data, creating a single source of truth for global product information. This comprehensive data management system helps in maintaining consistent and accurate product information, reducing errors, and improving decision-making processes.

  • Regulatory Compliance

The platform ensures up-to-date product data compliance across all vendors and partners, reducing regulatory risks and manual workload. By automating compliance checks, Knowde helps companies stay ahead of regulatory requirements, thereby minimizing risks and costs associated with non-compliance



Knowde’s impact on the industry is reflected in its impressive growth and user engagement:

  • Significant User Base: Over 8,000 suppliers are active on the platform, showcasing the extensive network and trust Knowde has built within the industry.

  • High Engagement: The platform has facilitated more than 1.1 million searches, indicating robust usage and reliance on the platform for product discovery and procurement

  • Streamlined Operations: Approximately 38,400 samples requested and 18,800 quotes received, demonstrating the platform’s efficiency in handling procurement processes and user requests


Strategic Partnerships and Market Impact

Knowde's strategic partnerships with leading industry players demonstrate the platform's credibility and extensive reach. These collaborations enable Knowde to offer a wide range of products, from basic chemicals to specialized ingredients, catering to various industry needs

Moreover, Knowde is not just about connecting buyers and suppliers; it is about creating an ecosystem where innovation can thrive. By providing a centralized hub for product information and supplier interactions, Knowde facilitates faster product development cycles, helping companies bring new products to market more efficiently. This capability is crucial in industries where speed and innovation are competitive advantages



Knowde exemplifies how digital innovation can transform traditional industries. By addressing key challenges with a sophisticated, user-friendly platform, Knowde not only enhances operational efficiencies but also fosters a more connected and transparent marketplace. This case study illustrates the significant value that digital transformation can bring to complex industries like chemicals.






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CTO & Co-founder, Knowde

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