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Through the mastery of software engineering, a commitment to transparency, and the empowerment of individuals, we're proud to shape and simplify the digital world together

Our team

Kruko isn't your typical IT consulting firm; we're a global powerhouse dedicated to delivering customer-centric software services. With a dynamic array of cutting-edge technologies, including AI-driven solutions, we're blazing trails worldwide.

Driven by a passion for results and fueled by innovation, we collaborate with businesses of all sizes across diverse sectors, from FinTech and eCommerce to Healthcare, Startups, and beyond.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit – Aristotle

Our Mission

Team - celebrating individuality, tech expertise and mentorship

Our company prioritizes people: we listen, learn collaboratively, and take action. Recognizing that each person has unique needs, work styles, and communication preferences, we cultivate an inclusive environment that fosters potential. This supportive atmosphere encourages everyone to initiate new projects freely. Expanding technical expertise is integral to our culture. We are committed to continuous learning, teaching, creating, and contributing. We actively engage with the community, empowering those who aspire to lead and promoting technical diversity. Our efforts are noticed and valued.


Customers - actively driving your business transformation through modern technology

As a leading consultancy for Silicon Valley startups specializing in digital transformation, we explore the essence of each organization, including its operations, challenges, and aspirations. Through thorough discovery and analysis, we develop customized strategies and services that fit each client's unique needs, providing tailored solutions that align with their specific requirements. We develop strong partnerships with our clients, going beyond simply completing tasks to build mutually beneficial relationships. By understanding the broader context, we offer honest feedback and assist clients in improving their business processes.


Our Values

Commitment to Excellence

Strive to exceed the expectations of clients and colleagues, delivering outstanding results and maintaining high standards in everything we do.

Ownership and Innovation

Take responsibility for our work, continuously question the status quo, and foster a culture of curiosity and experimentation to drive improvement and innovation.

Integrity and Pride

Act with integrity and pride in all our actions, ensuring that our behaviour reflects positively on the company and its values.

Ambition and Growth

Encourage personal and professional growth, recognizing and celebrating excellence and engagement, and supporting the development of ourselves and those around us, as well as community.

Inclusive and Responsible Culture

Promote a transparent and inclusive work environment that values diversity and social responsibility, contributing positively to society and the community.
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