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We provide innovative, scalable, secure, and budget-efficient solutions, comprehensive support at each stage of the project – from concept to the finalized product.

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We provide ongoing technical support

We provide ongoing technical support

Our services don’t stop with project implementation. We strive to maintain our involvement as an ongoing partner for the continued support of your business. We provide comprehensive assistance for as long as you need, guaranteeing access to technical assistance, operation manuals, and IT systems maintenance throughout your project’s duration and beyond.

Fast and agile

Fast and agile

We tackle each project on an individual basis, developing tailored solutions to bring nothing but the best services to our customers. From efficiently handling tasks, to a focus on design optimization, flexibility and performance. You can enjoy fast delivery times for whatever it is you need. Whether you aim to conceptualize and develop a project from scratch, or make incredibly effective improvements to your existing software choices, we can help.

With both the customer and user in mind

With both the customer and user in mind

It doesn’t matter how demanding or difficult a project may be, we prioritize fantastic UX functionality for both our customers and their users, to ensure an unparalleled user experience every time. We only create concepts that inspire, to fully accomplish every client's business goals for outstanding financial results.

Our teams' superpowers

We have hand-picked a multifaceted team of experts alongside new technology enthusiasts. Our team represents various specializations, competencies, and interests that we effortlessly combine for the precise, efficient treatment of every project. Challenges are welcome, we love to learn under pressure, we are enthusiastic and creative, and strive for perfection for a better future.

Our technology stack

To guarantee the stability, quality, and security of all our software, we apply well-tested, customized technologies that are individually selected to cater to the unique requirements of the client.

Technologies we use

What our clients say about us

Satisfied clients are our greatest motivation for further development.

Kruko became a valuable source to us for site maintenance, debugging and ad-hoc upgrading projects, providing specialized developers in our specific technologies
Carolina Soler
Carolina Soler

Product Lead at Talentoday and Medix

Kruko supports

Our team's initiatives

Our team's initiatives

We like to think globally, but we act locally. We determine the needs of our local community and are pleased to participate in activities that are proposed by our employees. We regularly support public benefit organizations and foundations, such as "Serce dla Maluszka" and "Zdążyć z pomocą".

Socially engaged technology

Socially engaged technology

Business and technology come together for a better world. With this belief, we also commit to social projects and charity initiatives. We have a responsibility to contribute to a brighter future and are active in providing financial support to various good causes, alongside sharing our knowledge and experience with those in need.

Support program for talented youth

Support program for talented youth

Everybody deserves an equal start in life and we actively support talented youth by engaging in educational projects that target young people from less economically developed regions, and those affected by social issues. We work closely with the Youth Aid Foundation John Paul II "Wzrastanie".


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